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Today, it has emerged as a natural choice of any corporate that wants to streamline its business processes and make its operations more efficient, profitable and customer friendly. Backed by a combination of the best technological tools and brilliant talents, Swathi works on several platforms in various technologies.

Swathi's approach to business is styled after Peter Drucker's saying that “Business is the fine art of not only creating customers, but also retaining them; it is not about selling a product or service, but building a relationship." Highly customer-driven in approach, the organization always believes in delivering the best products/services backed by the best technologies at prices that a customer is happy to pay.

Swathi Soft Solutions has evolved a process flow which is not only efficient but also transparent. The organization recognizes the client's right to know every aspect of the technology chosen for the development of solutions.

Deadlines at Swathi are sacred and inviolable. Swathi’s internally developed Resource Planning & Management tools ensure timely deliveries which again translate into cost reductions and customer satisfaction.

Swathi has put in place a great work environment that kindles creativity and a collaborative work culture among its personnel. It is proved by the company’s extensive, swanky headquarters in Chennai city which has the right ambience and amenities spread across 6000sq.ft.

Another hallmark of Swathi is the wide range of delivery options it presents for its customers - onsite delivery, offsite/offshore delivery or a combination of all, after a thorough scrutiny of the needs of the customer.

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