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Time Tracker:

As in any fledgling organization the key to success is efficient management of the most important resource- TIME! Effective use of time helps the organization in meeting critical deadlines through optimum utilization of resources. Time tracker will keep track of time spent by employees on various projects, manage their schedules & vacations. This in turn facilitates speedy and clear decisions by managers on enterprise-wide resource utilization & availability. The objective of the system is to improve efficiency and manage utilization of a primary asset of the company – the employees.

time tracker

Swathi, in the past, has successfully deployed this in several organizations and continues to use it internally to meet all critical deliverables of projects.


Audio Encryption Tool:

A tool for secure voice transcription ensures smooth communication between Clients/Team leader and Vendors/team members. The objective is to provide a quick mechanism for heads of organizations to dictate what needs to be transcribed and encrypt the content suitably before transmitting. It also decrypts the file at the receiving end when the right password is given and provides a friendly interface for playback.

audio encryption tool

This has been used with remarkable success in several off shore client locations for easy and secure communication with Swathi’s team.