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Just as in other media, Swathi’s skills in Print medium are highly impressive and follow a systematic workflow.

After understanding the customer’s nature of business and needs, Swathi’s creative team, comprising copywriters, designers and visualizers, holds detailed discussions before evolving a suitable strategy. Then the creative approach is decided up on and simultaneously design and contents are developed in tune with it. Samples are prepared for the customer to choose from. Corrections, if any, are carried out before the material is sent for printing.

At every stage of production, there are checks to make both the process and the output absolutely error-free.

The final output is technically sound and aesthetically appealing with its stunning manipulation of text and visuals.

This reverence for quality and the commitment to deliver the best have generated a lot of appreciation for Swathi from the industry.

Swathi develops promotional literature, merchandising material, posters, danglers, house magazines, product catalogues, press ads etc. for various major corporates.


Corporate Identities

Creating business identity through logo design is a strength of Swathi. Here again every effort is made to peg down costs. Stunningly different, the logos designed by Swathi display a high level of creativity and coherence in conveying the brand message