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Any business needs an analytical team to analyze the critical decisions that the organization takes in the course of its business.

Swathi has developed a comprehensive, business-specific system that enables customers to carry out such analysis. Further, it goes to the next step of projecting a budget for the customer, which is based on the current yearís performance and also several other factors that are vital to the customerís business.

After discussions with the client Swathi assists them in setting targets for the various departments of the establishment. Once these targets are set, Swathi keeps a constant watch on whether these targets are met, exceeded or not. These analytical methods help the customer in evaluating the performance of different departments and also the firm as a whole.

Swathi understands all aspects of the customerís business and suggests an analysis. Upon customerís approval, the analysis is fine-tuned. There are cash flow analysis, gross profit and net profit for different quarters and years. This will show the companyís growth and also provide projections for the next quarter / year.

Before any new project is taken up the client a profitability analysis is performed to see the viability of the project. This plays an important role in the decision about the project. Swathi maintains utmost confidentiality of the information as all critical aspects of the project are handled by a trusted team.

Swathi also performs inventory analysis and projects an approximate date when the client would run out of inventory based on the sales projections. This will facilitate the client in ensuring that they donít run out of inventory.

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