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Encrypted PDF being played through our application

Being techno savvy and proactive to market needs, Swathi has come up with some innovative offerings for the publishing industry. Swathi’s capabilities in encryption technology have been used by a leading medical publishing house in UK for protecting its media files from possible unauthorized copying.

This has generated a lot of interest not only among publishers but also various other industries for the exciting anti-piracy possibilities it presents.

Swathi also provides integrated e-Publishing solutions that meet all needs of the publishing industry- from the manuscript to the printed book.

Here again, the deliverables are of superior quality made possible by Swathi’s fine choice of techno tools and a team of brilliant IT professionals, copyeditors and visualizers.


Encrypted Video being played through our application

Case Study


With the digital age comes piracy, One of the strongest reason for publishing houses not to take advantage of technology is piracy. For a very large medical journal...

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