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Solutions present a fine interface for creativity and technology.


Communication, however complex, are delivered with utmost clarity and ingenuity.


Proven expertise in diverse media of communication


A fine team drawn from the world’s premier institutions with adequate exposure

Realizing the critical role of communication in a globalized environment, Swathi has developed superior multimedia skills. Combining this with abundant talents in creative writing, it has unveiled new possibilities that have been widely acknowledged by various corporates with diverse business backgrounds.

The CD based presentation material designed by Swathi has won much acclaim for the clarity and creativity with which it delivers the customer’s message across the local, national and global markets. Being cross platform-enabled, it works both on Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac platforms.

Technical Expertise:


Image authoring tools:

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Page Maker, Corel Draw, Designer and Micrografx Designer

Web Authoring Tools :

Macromedia Dreamweaver/

Interactive Tools:

Macromedia Director, Macromedia Flash

Audio Editing Tools:

Sound Forge

Video Authoring Tools: Adobe Premiere

The expertise gained in this area has resulted in several spin-off products in the form of Audio CDs/CD-ROMs/DVDs and Hybrid CDs. Focusing on ancient Indian art forms, they unveil the beauty and breadth of Indian heritage and symbolize a fine marriage of technology with tradition. The products are showcased in www.kalakendra.com, an exclusive portal that highlights the rich value and variety of India’s traditional art forms.

multimedia case study


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